Synchronizing the world around the celebration of learning

Synchronizing the world around the celebration of learning.

By showcasing effective and diverse ways to take care of oneself, others and the planet, the #LearningPlanet Festival invites everyone, everywhere to reflect on their most significant learnings and share what they want to learn next. On the International Day of Education (24 January), the annual #LearningPlanet Festival encourages people around the world to meet, join forces and launch meaningful projects for their communities.

For the #LP Festival 2021 edition, we are preparing:

  • a platform for everyone to create and document their own #LP Festival and share online toolkits on how to organise thriving local events (talks, workshops, etc.); all types of learning communities willing to contribute will be invited to co-design and share such toolkits;
  • a highly participative online process to invite individuals and organisations around the world to contribute to the global celebration by nominating inspiring figures and places, identifying exemplary learning communities and/or writing stories about learning for SDGs.

Stay tuned! “The Festival aims at spreading a culture of hope and engagement by placing youth and learning at the heart of the SDG framework.”

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Launch of #LearningPlanet at Unesco headquarters, Paris

International Day of Education, 24 January 2020 “Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace”

The world celebrates the International Day of Education on 24 January, a day proclaimed by the UN General Assembly to honour education and its centrality to human well-being and sustainable development.

UNESCO, in partnership with CRI, hosted a conference at its headquarters on January 24, 2020 where 400 participants explored together the many ways learning can empower people, protect the planet, build shared prosperity and foster peace.

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Shortlist of 2020 #LP Festivals in France

#LEARNINGPLANET Unesco Launch (24 Jan 2020)
Official launch event of #LEARNINGPLANET Initiative
Festival de l'Apprendre (Sèvres, 25 Jan. 2020)
The Cercle APE celebrates learning on January 25th.
Roundglass Learning Festival (Feb. 19-22, 2020)
A community of thinkers and doers come together in February to promote living for universal wellbeing!
Lyon Festival de l'Apprendre (20-31 Janvier, 2020)
The Festival de l'Apprendre hosted by Maison de l'Apprendre welcomes learners at the end of January!
EDU GAME JAM III (24-26 Jan 2020)
Compétition de création de jeu en équipe
Global Festival of Action (April 1-3, 2020)
The SDGs are taking over Bonn, Germany for a three-day festival in April!
Cork Lifelong Learning Festival (March 29-April 5, 2020)
Cork Lifelong Learning Festival is a Cork Learning City week-long initiative from March 29th until April 5th, 2020
Caen - Le Dôme Fête l'Apprendre (24 JAN 2020)
Le Dôme fête l'apprendre le vendredi 24 janvier à Caen!

Shortlist of 2020 #LP Festivals across the world

For the first edition of the #LEARNINGPLANET Festival, events were held globally, notably in Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Quebec and Singapore.

Moreover, the UNESCO global network of Learning Cities – many of which have long been organising learning festivals throughout the year – also chose to synchronise the organisation of a series of celebrations on January 24, notably in Cameroon and Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and UK as well as in the Philippines.

Organize your local festival

2020 launch edition of #LEARNINGPLANETFESTIVAL was set to inspire and collect toolkits* that will help launch multiple local festivals in 2021 and beyound. Below, you can explore existing toolkit or sugest yours.

Ikigai Lab Toolkits
Promoting Active Life Skill Education Pedagogy
Marché des connaissances
Partager ses connaissances et aptitudes avec les autres
Learning Planet Challenges
Toolkit cards for collective intelligence (French Only)


Stay tuned! We shall share further information soon on the preparation of the 2021 edition. If you want to create your event on this occasion, you can reach out below:

Festival partners

They are supporting #LEARNINGPLANETFESTIVAL and celebrating International Day of Education.