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Several of our learning ecosystems are joining and hosting some exciting events this month, highlighting the importance of collaborating between learning ecosystems within the Global South and with the Global North too! 

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Welcome to the Learning Ecosystems in the Global South Programme!

The Global South represents 85% of the world, leaving our collective future in the hands of young people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The greatest hope for systems on these continents is not to mimic what has been done in the Global North, but to exploit new technologies, new thinking and organisational forms to leapfrog the shortcomings of the current education systems. This is a unique opportunity to diversify the people and places where learning takes place, and smartly harness the potential of technology and data. This is the territory of ecosystems. 

Together, we dive into the transformative potential of Learning Ecosystems in the Global South and explore real-world examples of individuals and organisations who are revolutionising access to education, shaping the collective future of learning.

Our report

Published on 29 June 2023

Led by a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, our journey began with an extensive scan of over 100 educational initiatives across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. These initiatives were carefully selected for their ecosystemic characteristics, setting the stage for in-depth research and exploration for the past 18 months. From this process, we identified 11 game-changers from 10 countries that exemplify the transformative power of learning ecosystems.

Through rigorous analysis and interviews, we aim to give educators the confidence to embrace these models as part of policy solutions, moving beyond the realm of marginal innovations. The Learning Ecosystems in the Global South Programme is committed to creating a future where learning ecosystems thrive and propel educational transformation on a global scale.

Report Authors

Rosie Clayton

Research Fellow World Innovation Summit for Education

Rosie Clayton

Michael Stevenson

Senior Adviser and Consultant, High Performing Systems for Tomorrow, Education and Skills Directorate OECD

Michael Stevenson

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We are very grateful to Porticus, a philanthropic organisation focused on creating a just and sustainable future where human dignity flourishes, for believing in the critical importance of this project and supporting it.

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