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We gather hundreds of passionate organisations committed to transforming education. Within the LearningPlanet Alliance, educators, researchers, doers, innovators, decision-makers and learners from all continents come together to celebrate learning and to co-create a more desirable future.



  • Join, shape up and foster a global movement for change
  • Engage with a diversity of game changers across the entire educational community
  • Proactively and continuously participate in a pioneering community of practice


  • Explore new ways of learning, teaching, doing research and mobilising collective intelligence
  • Draw inspiration and applied learnings from pioneering, game changing initiatives
  • Discover how to co-create transformative programmes with all stakeholders including youth



    • Develop existing and new collaborative projects with fellow Alliance Partners
    • Contribute to scaling up and across promising initiatives, programmes and solutions
    • Engage in radical collaboration to solve complex challenges that no organisation can tackle alone


        • Celebrate success stories of transforming education (especially through the LearningPlanet Festival!)
        • Share and showcase expertise, resources, opportunities, spaces
        • Under a shared banner, promote new narratives to influence educational policies and the general public

          We welcome new partner organisations:

          • who share the same vision and mission to transform education,
          • whose work and initiatives focus on transforming education locally and/or worldwide,
          • who have a strong collaborative willingness and bandwidth, and are ready to embrace the 4 pillars of commitments mentioned above,
          • who are not involved or seemingly involved in any socially or environmentally harmful activities or organisational practices.

          If your organisation meets these requirements and would like to become an Alliance Partner, Media Partner or Funding Partner, please reach out to us at to express your interest.

          Note: Alliance Partnership fees only apply to private sector organisations. Get in touch with us for more details.


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