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Mahdi Mansour

Poet, physicist, and educator

Mahdi Mansour is a Lebanese poet, physicist, and educator, at the unique intersection of art, science, and education. He won a prestigious Poetry Golden Award at the age of eighteen, in addition to winning the jury award “Prince of Poets” program, launching an award-winning career. He has represented his country in poetry forums and international cultural festivals and published many best-selling poetry books, which have been studied in many schools and universities. In addition to his work in the arts, he holds a doctorate degree in physics and a certificate in educational leadership from Harvard University.

Mansour’s poems were widely recognized in Arabic and praised by fans and critics alike. Some of his poems were translated to the English and German languages for study by the Goethe German Institute.

He was featured in the first Arabic TED talk, about Physics and Poetry. Both a physicist and a poet himself, Mahdi believes that merging science and literature is the key to maximum creativity.

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