Open partnership

We welcome any organization that wants to co-create an easy, modular, open and data-driven platform to design, share and scale challenge-based curriculum, focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Trust by design

Learning Planet initiative is non-profit and open-source by design. We believe no one organization can solve our commons challenges alone, especially when it comes to the future of education and the skills we need to tackle complex problems that cross borders and cultures. Hence, every contribution is welcomed and everything on LP platform is open and forever free.


Featured SDG initiatives

Building on pioneering work in the field of SDG / Challenged-based learning


Learning Planet Assembly (LPA)

On July 25th-27th 2019, over 100 leading education thinkers and doers gathered in Paris to create the roadmap for a truly collaborative Learning Planet. This was a historic launch event for a global platform dedicated to SDG-based curriculum design.