Vincent Avanzi

La Plume du Futur

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Vincent Avanzi

Chief Poetic Officer

Vincent Avanzi is a Chief Poetic Officer, world artist, sustainability activist, leadership coach and speech writer. Residential artist at the Institute for Desirable Futures, he founded The Ink of the Future and is the author of ten books including Poetic Leaders : Poetry will save the world and we’re all poets (Human Odyssey) and Trouver son Point Génial (“Finding your Genius Spot“, Editions Hachette). Former Microsoft manager and passionate about poetry, he developed the concept of “Corporate Poetry” after having gone on two world tours to bridge the gap between business and wisdom, poetry and prospective, innovative and narrative, leadership and harmony. He now accompanies leaders, brands and organisations on the enchantment of their storytelling, the elevation of their leadership and their transition towards regeneration. He furthermore delivers inspiring poetic speeches in international conventions and keynotes on the art of speech to enchant the future as poetic leaders.

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