Teachers for the planet

Putting teachers and education leaders at the centre of the educational response to the climate crisis.

Call for solutions

The Teachers for the Planet Programme is looking for 100 outstanding teacher-led climate education solutions to be featured in our online repository that will be presented at COP28. Are you an exceptional educator working to address the climate crisis in your school or community?

Welcome to Teachers for the Planet

Learning Planet Institute, the Aga Khan Foundation and Teach For All are excited to lead the Teachers for the Planet Programme.

The programme galvanizes action to foster explicit and concrete links between the education and climate change sectors for real impact at the school and system levels, with tangible outputs that position education actors for climate action and leadership.

The coalition and programme puts teachers and education leaders firmly at the centre of the educational response to our climate crisis.

The programme has now started looking for solutions for its repository of 100 education solutions that will be presented to leaders and policymakers at COP28, and we need your help to find them! Are you an exceptional educator or educational leader working to address the climate crisis in your classroom, school or community? If so, please share your climate education solution with us (by clicking on the ‘submit your solution’ button) and share this invitation with your networks.

Background of the programme

We have learned from research, forums, and peers that educators and teachers are often absent from the design of the educational response to the climate crisis. In the lead-up to COP28, we intend to change this.

Unleashing the creativity of teachers and students to combat climate change through student-driven and student-led community-based climate action projects would be a quick win for improving the overall quality of education for the 21st century rife with crises.

— Brookings Institution Report, 2021

Teachers for the Planet in 3 minutes

About the Teachers for the Planet Programme

The programme has two aims in the lead-up to COP28:

  • Build community

    Establish a strong global community of practice for school and system-level leaders in climate and education where new solutions are discussed and debated for the future of the planet.

  • Inspire Action

    Develop a new online and offline repository of proven innovations in climate and education that are useful for teachers, school leaders, and education/climate policy-makers.

Through these aims the coalition and Programme seek to increase levels of:

  • Access

    ... By teachers, students, and Ministries of Education to new forums of technical, financial, and political decision-makers in climate change;

  • Agency

    ...by teachers, students, and Ministries of Education to design, innovate, and showcase new school-, community-, and learner-driven solutions to addressing the climate crisis;

  • Action

    ...by teachers, students, and Ministries of Education by offering new teacher training/customizable learning resources about addressing climate change in and through education.

Teachers for the planet
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More about the co-leads

The Aga Khan Foundation’s Schools2030 global community of 1000 schools, 50,000 educators and 500,000 learners across 10 countries to design new solutions for improving holistic learning outcomes, including advancing climate resilience in and through education.

Aga Khan Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation

The Learning Planet Institute, whose mission is to explore, research and share new ways of learning and cooperating in order to respond to the needs of the youth and the planet.

Learning Planet Institute
Learning Planet Institute

Teach For All is a global network of 61+ independent national organizations and hosts a global Climate Education Community of 420+ members (staff, alumni, teacher participants) from across the world and leads several other global climate education initiatives.

Teach For All
Teach For All