Monthly Imagination Circle: Being, reflecting, learning, playing, dreaming and designing with imagination

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Dear friends,

How is your relationship with imagination going lately? Is it flourishing, languishing, ‘just there’ or not even there? How are you nurturing it?

How and where is imagination showing up for you right now? What areas of life are your ‘imagination happy place’? And how are you bringing your imagination into the world?

Is imagination your way of being or is it something you practice in specific areas of your life? What does being imaginative look like versus practicing imagination?

What’s firing your imagination right now? Is there someone whose imagination has captured your heart-mind?

Come, gather in the Circle with us on Wednesday 13 March for an easy-flowing conversation on how we are being, reflecting, learning, playing, dreaming and designing with imagination.

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Mar 13, 2024

From 09:00 to 10:00 - UTC

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Penny Hay

Professor of Imagination, Bath Spa University

Penny Hay

Edson Dongo

Alumni manager/ Climate change lead, Teach for Zimbabwe

Edson Dongo

Sustainable Development Goals

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