Embrace Uncertainty, Tap into Collective Creativity with “Yes, and…” HigherEd Network and Global Play Brigade

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Join the Yes, and…” Higher Education Network (YAHE) and The Global Play Brigade (GPB)’s Educator Salon for an exploration and practicum on the power of play, performance and improvisation for developmental learning in schools, communities and social movements.

While our world has always been uncertain, education continues to be dominated by the rigidity of a knowing paradigm. This disconnect produces emotional pain. Educational institutions have labeled this a “Mental Health Crisis” among individual young people.

Thus, a social problem of educational methodology is turned into a disease of the individual.

Creative educators, students and communities all around the world are discovering that if we shift away from a knowing paradigm and tap into improvisational learning, we can relate to history’s most uncertain moments by embracing, rather than receding from them. They have found that improvisation fosters a greater openness for uncertainty, and generates tools for learning, development and growth.

In this workshop, we will offer tools of play and improvisation for students and educators to cultivate:

-Learning ensembles for creating choices, new tools and environments
-Creativity as a social phenomenon
-The connection between each other and the planet
-The unity of emotions and cognition
-A challenge to labels and categories

Jan 26, 2024

From 13:00 to 14:30 - UTC

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