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Why build a Learning Planet?

In this Age of Covid-19, the world is facing an unprecedented convergence of crises— sanitary, environmental, economic, political and social. Needs are massive, urgent and universal. They are calling for a collective and dynamic response to empower everyone to contribute to meeting these challenges.

Learning is at the heart of all the transitions that are needed and everyone, individually or collectively, can play a role. The seeds of change already exist with thousands of initiatives and innovative solutions flourishing around the world. From schools to universities, companies to NGOs, states to international organisations, online platforms to learning cities, networks of changemakers to youth movements, myriads of learning communities are paving the way at different scales.

LearningPlanet will inspire and empower citizens and learners of all ages to contribute by showcasing pioneering programs and social experiments and help amplify their impact. #LearningPlanet will facilitate learning, action and leadership at a massive scale to address our most urgent and pressing challenges. A #LearningPlanet to dream bigger, live differently and achieve better together!

LearningPlanet has launched and/or is part of a first series of initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. For instance, CRI and Open Source Pharma Foundation joined forces to start the opencovid.care collaborative platform dedicated to open research & citizen sciences. Medical sciences, psychology, but also social sciences, philosophy, arts, literature are involved. In the coming weeks, with the help notably of University for the Planet (U4P) and the Weaving Lab, opencovid.care will invite all citizens to a Collective Visioning process to help make-sense of the current Covid-19 crisis, co-design together with tier-one experts possible future scenarios in various fields, map existing and new projects, and allow for enhanced collaboration around effective solutions.

Other innovative on-the-ground programmes are currently being co-designed by the #LearningPlanet teams together with Agence Française de Développement & Digital Africa, as well as with UNICEF and LabXchange (Harvard University).

Detailed information on these programmes will soon be shared on this website.

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We all have a stake in education, let’s act together to fulfill its promise. — Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General.

Let’s empower learners of the world to invent a sustainable future. — François Taddei, CRI Chief Exploration Officer

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We welcome any organisation wanting to co-create an open and data-driven platform to design, share and scale challenge-based learning programs, focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Current partners include:

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