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In the face of the accelerating societal, environmental, and digital transitions, our education and lifelong learning systems need to be radically transformed. While new learning narratives are emerging on the international scene (e.g. Reimagining our Futures Together, UNESCO), thousands of pioneers are already implementing new ways to learn, teach, and mobilise collective intelligence in their communities. But for real lasting change to happen, there needs to be greater collaboration at the local, national, and global levels. And youth perspectives must be closely associated with the design of meaningful learning in the 21st century.

The LearningPlanet Alliance invites all educational changemakers to come together, share experiences, and work towards common objectives. This platform is yours to explore and/or create events throughout the year and engage with fellow educators. Learning Planetizens, let’s unite to transform education everyday, everywhere! Join us!

400+ partners
191 countries

  • A Global Movement for Change

    We mobilise diverse educational changemakers across the world - educators, policymakers, students, entrepreneurs… - working together to drive real change.

  • Action Groups

    Innovative communities of practice bringing together Alliance partners around shared priorities: youth empowerment, greening education, local learning ecosystems, etc.

  • Shared Goals

    Transform lifelong learning systems to equip young generations and adults with the knowledge and skills needed to address complex challenges and thrive.

  • Media & News

    Thought leaders, practitioners & youth are invited to share perspectives on learning and thriving in the 21st-Century, linking education to the challenges of our time.

  • All Year Event Platform

    The meeting space to organise events with your community, connect with other changemakers and stay up-to-date with the latest educational trends.

  • LearningPlanet Festival

    The annual rendez-vous to synchronise the world around the celebration of International Day of Education (24 January): 600+ online and onsite events in 2023!