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Created in 2020 by the Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO, we are an established and growing community of diverse game changers and institutions learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet.

Our Alliance unites all change actors, from grassroots players and innovators (universities, NGOs, youth movements, social entrepreneurs…) to cities, national governments and multilateral organisations. Together we co-create new ways of learning, teaching, and researching by sharing our data, practices, knowledge and experience.

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Launch of the Imagination Circle

Launch of the Imagination Circle

Ever had a new thought or idea pop into your mind and wondered, “Where did that come from?”...Probably from your imagination. Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change. We want to see imagination in action to transform education,...


We are grassroots players and innovators (universities, NGOs, youth movements, social entrepreneurs…) and also cities, national governments and multilateral organisations. Together we commit to uniting to transform education.

Grounded in science and data, we are cooperative, daring, open-minded, interdisciplinary and resilient. And we are also dreamers:  we are the curious, the seekers, the concerned and we are hopeful. We are uniting because we know, the closer we get the better we learn.

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