Selma Bichbich

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Selma Bichbich

Selma is a social and climate youth activist who has taken part in many programs and organizations seeking change and serving the SDGs by speaking out for youth and justice.

She is an SDSN fellow, the contact point of the Human Rights Working Group at YOUNGO, and the GST Communication Officer at SDG7 Youth Consistency. a board member and co-founder of the MENA Youth Network, the founder of the Together for Blue and Green organization, and a Max Thabiso Edkins Global Climate Ambassador.

The representative of North Africa at the Global Youth Leadership Council in EarthUprising NGO which was the organisation that funded me to make it to cop.

She was the delegate of Algeria at the PreCop26 Youth4Climate Summit both editions (Milan and New York), an active member of UNEPMGCY, she is also the organizer of the first edition of the MENA Youth Environmental Assembly. In addition to being a member of the MENA Coalition on Youth, Peace, and Security,

As a representative of North Africa at the Global Youth Leadership Council at EarthUprising NGO, she has been given the opportunity to be funded for COP and to also start a green campaign in Lebanon as one of the AUB students.

She was also nominated to represent Africa at the Informal Regional Dialogues with UNFCCC Constituencies, and serve as the delegate of Algeria at cop27, in addition to being one of the CUNCR (Center of United Nations Constitutional Research) delegates, and now she is working on a new environmental volunteer program in Lebanon where she is based now.

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