Bolaji Akinboro

Tọ̀rọ̀Net Chain

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Bolaji Akinboro


Bolaji is an African Enterprenuer and Innovator who develops ideas & solutions for some of the toughest challenges facing our continent.

He is currently a pioneer of various of Web 3.0 innovations that support communities ecosystems seek to create a just, equitable and self-empowering future for their members in the emerging future of a decentralized society where we expect that innovation & wealth creation will work for everyone and not just corporations.

Since 2020; He co-founded Tórónet Chain, an impact blockchain protocol & platform that is one of the building blocks of the emerging web 3.0 society & VorianCorelli – an agriculture marketplace for Agro-SMEs.

Chain & its tokens are making the aspirations for a better life a reality for millions across the African continent. Bolaji is also the co-founder of Cellulant – a pan African fintech company. Bolaji is an Endeavor Enterpreneur.

He is an Alumnus of the Business Management program of the Herriot Watt University in 2005; Oxford University Business Economics Programme & the Harvard- Endevavor Executive programs in Enterpreneurship.

Bolaji has both private sector experience from Procter & Gamble & International Development/Impact experience from various World Bank, African Development Bank & United Nations Programs. Bolaji executed one of the worlds largest public sector Agritech program that reached 8 million farmers when he used eWallets to transform Agro-Input Distributions systems.

He is an expert in solving big problems that affect millions of people in a sustainable way.

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