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The conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Israel and Palestine, along with over 70 other ongoing violent conflicts worldwide, have raised significant concerns about our shared future.

Wars and armed conflicts destroy cultures, disrupt economies, and aggravate environmental crises. The issue lies not just in individual wars, but in the culture of war itself, deeply rooted in our civilizational ethos and perpetuating violence. Therefore there’s an urgent need to forge Peaceful Futures—a civilization where war is relegated to history.

Moving towards Peaceful Futures demands new learning models and the collective evolution of our social institutions, consciousness, and practices. This process fosters “positive peace,” the groundwork for harmonious coexistence. To attain positive peace, it’s crucial for the next generation of leaders to collaboratively design transformative changes with sustainable impacts.

The joint session of the LearningPlanet Alliance and Global Education Futures aims to:
– Tackle the question, “What does it take to move towards a peaceful future?”
– Elaborate on models to promote “positive peace” and conflict transformation through education.
– Co-design the vision of a training program for young leaders working towards a Peaceful Future.

Jan 25, 2024

From 16:00 to 17:30 - UTC

Online event
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Sustainable Development Goals

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