Youth Empowerment
Inviting youth to co-construct fruitful futures

Amplifying youth voice and agency

Today, 40.75% of the world’s population is under 25 years old; the future of the planet and humanity lies in their hands! Investing in youth rights, education, health and wellbeing is key to achieving an inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for present and future generations, as well as fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Together, we:

  • highlight youth’s genuine talents and value,
  • bring together youth-led movements and a range of institutions and local authorities,
  • connect organisations sharing the same focuses and ambitions,
  • give youth a space to share and promote their current work, initiatives, actions towards principal causes, and today's most pressing issues affecting young people, and
  • put them at the forefront, so that they can influence all public policies that concern their future, in the realm of children’s rights, education, health and wellbeing, etc.

The Youth Empowerment Circle

#LearningPlanet, CAP-2030, and Catalyst 2030 launched the Youth Empowerment Circle (YEC) in May 2021, with the shared goal of supporting inspirational youth changemakers and initiatives.

Soon after, the Francophone Youth Empowerment Circle was created, in partnership with Ashoka France, CAP-2030 and La Ville de Paris.

Photo courtesy: pexels-markus-spiske-2990644

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The Circle connects organisations sharing the same focuses and ambitions and gives its members a space to share and promote their current work, initiatives, actions towards principal causes, and today's most pressing issues affecting young people. Furthermore, it provides learning and feedback opportunities for its members and inspires them by sharing and accessing new ideas and best practices, potentially leading to new ways of working and new projects to support youth.

The Youth Council

The Youth Council was created four months after the birth of the Youth Empowerment Circle, with the goal of truly putting the leadership and strategic decisions of the Circle in the hands of the youth themselves. The Council is made up of young changemakers under the age of 25 from around the world, and is selected for six-month terms. They convene regularly to determine the best approaches and opportunities for the Circle to address topics such as youth rights, health and wellbeing, and education. Additionally, Council members have the unique opportunity to shape a growing community of youth organizations and policy-making institutions around the world, and to serve as ambassadors for the Circle at global events.

Become a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow!

Your work deserves to be highlighted and amplified on a global stage. By becoming a Youth Fellow, you’ll be able to be part of a growing, empowered community of inspiring young individuals from around the world!

What are the benefits?

  • The official title of recognition as a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow
  • Editorial exposure: be featured on #LearningPlanet's social media channels and via interviews
  • 6 training sessions per year curated by #LearningPlanet and its partners
  • Participation in #LearningPlanet’s Youth Empowerment Circle and flagship events
  • Participation in a yearly Youth Fellows General Assembly
  • Access to youth-related opportunities emanating from #LearningPlanet partners

Are you under 25 years old and feel inspired? Apply today - we can’t wait to meet you!

Highlighted talks

CAP-2030: “A Future for the World’s Children?”

This film presents the key findings of the seminal WHO-UNICEF-Lancet report.

Almaaz Mudaly’s priority is the climate crisis

Almaaz reflects on the climate crisis and offers advice for how youth can get involved.

Earth Speakr: Kids interactively voice their climate concerns

Artist Olafur Eliasson invites kids to speak up for the planet, and for adults to listen their thoughts.

Young Aspiring Thinkers: A non-profit with a purpose

Hear Thulani Masebenza and his colleagues introduce the Young Aspiring Thinkers.

Stories and interviews


The Little Prince Writing Contest

Grab your pens and pencils: the Little Prince is back! The Little Prince writing contest series invites young minds to revisit Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s remarkable story with a modern day twist. The submissions include creative essays and original illustrations from around the world!