• Youth Empowerment Circle
There is plenty to celebrate in the community at our annual Youth Empowerment Assembly on Saturday 29 July. This is a perfect moment for the organisations supporting the youth empowerment circle to connect with the different youth members, and celebrate some of the successes of the past months.

This will be the moment to celebrate the successes of the Youth Empowerment Circle over the past months, including : 

  1. The graduation of Youth Fellows from the first round of the IKIGAI+ development programme!
  2. The Youth Council’s advice for the Youth Empowerment Community after their 1 year of action, and welcome in the new Youth Council:)
  3. Welcome 150 new LearningPlanet Youth Fellows to the community who joined us over May and June! You can discover more about them on our updated circle page. 
Last but not least…Intergenerational Mentoring!
  • We have joined fellow Youth Empowerment Circle members at the Action Summit for Intergenerational Leadership, hosted by Global Salzburg Seminar and Big Change. More news on this in September. Please let me know if your organisation would be interested in getting involved in this initiative.
  • We appreciate all of you who have submitted interest in the past months to be a mentor for other members of the Youth Empowerment Circle. Apologies for the delay in implementing this, but it should be up and running by September.
  • If you have any other opportunities for the community, submit them here (gallery of resources and opportunities here).

Jul 29, 2023

De 12:00 à 14:00 - UTC

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