The LearningPlanet Festival is a gathering like no other, where educators, students, innovators, and lifelong learners from all walks of life unite to share their passion for learning and discovery. It is a moment where we collectively embrace the transformative power of education.

We are thankful to all members of the LearningPlanet youth community for contributing again to bringing youth at the center of the LearningPlanet Festival

On the 24 January…

  • Re-imagine Schools through Creative Writing with Towson University here!
  • Join Big Education Conversation with students worldwide over 24 January here!
  • Including youth in corporate strategies, with the Youth Inclusion Network here !
  • Connect well-being with well-doing through IKIGAI here!
  • Watch LP Vision to meet Architects of tomorrow who are building a Learning Planet here! 

On the 25 January…

  • Build your GPS of Knowledge with WeLearn here
  • Discover insights from the world’s largest youth consultation, Youth Talks here
  • Prototype learning programmes with the Planetizen University Youth Design Challenge here 
  • Support the next generation of leaders for peace here
  • Learn to tell the story of your projects through film with Happiness at School here

On the 26 January…

  • Debate at The Dais Global Voices Model UN on ‘Empowering Futures Generations’ starting 26 January here
  • Join Education activists of ALL AGES on a 3 day learning journey during YouthxYouth’s Learning festival, starting 26 January and continuing through to 28 January here
  • Explore the connection of AI and African Development with Club of Rome and LearningPlanet youth fellows here!
  • Kindle the flames for learning, with Spark4Youth! here
  • Share ideas for Education for Afghan Girls here!
  • Help activate a Global Projects platform for youth, with LearningPlanet Youth fellows here!

On 27 January…

  • Explore how Artivism can be a catalyst for transformation in the world of education here!

And there is still time to add your to the agenda! To help along the way…

1. Access all FAQs here

2. Get access to our instant design tool to promote your events (once submitted)

3. Spread the word via the comms kit here