Co-written by Ed Stevenette and Mohini Govender from LearningPlanet and YouthxYouth 🙂

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the emergence of intergenerational collaboration and leadership marks a pivotal shift transforming education. 

At the heart of this transformation lies a network of organizations, convened by Salzburg Global Seminar and Big Change, who are on a journey dedicated to exploring how to share power and unite generations to transform education. See the collective here

First step : A guide for putting Intergenerational events into action!

A significant stride in this journey has been the launch of a guide for implementing intergenerational collaboration within educational spaces. One year on from the Transforming Education Summit and the launch of the Youth Declaration, the guide offers a starting point for all those committed to sharing power and taking an inclusive approach to transforming education! To find out more about the guide, see here.

Stepping Forward: Bringing the Intergenerational Track of LearningPlanet Festival!

An upcoming milestone for the collective is leading and embodying the Intergenerational track during the approaching LearningPlanet Festival, a global celebration of Education. Partners will host events worldwide to promote collaboration and leadership across generations. 

Key questions include :

  • What skills and behaviors foster successful intergenerational collaboration and leadership?
  • What impedes or obstructs the path to intergenerational collaboration and leadership?
  • What does education look like when intergenerational collaboration becomes its cornerstone?

Core Events: Navigating the Intergenerational Collaboration Frontier

The cornerstones of the intergenerational track is include : 

  • The Global Big Education Conversation, across 24 January

On January 24th, World Education Day, the Global Big Education Conversation (BEC) will be hosting their first ever conversation relay! During this event, a global community will come together to talk about one big question – what do you believe is the purpose of education?

To join the Big Education Conversations, register here

  • Building a Planetizen University in collaboration with University for the Planet, on 25 January, 15:00 CET

On January 25th, LearningPlanet Alliance alongside University for the Planet will be hosting a session bringing together partners across institutional bodies, university leaders, community leaders and youth leaders to co-create a Planetizen University

The session will also include a celebration honoring the finalists of the inaugural Planetizen University Youth Design Challenge. This challenge has brought together participants from across the globe, showcasing their visionary learning programs aimed at fostering flourishing, engaged, and sustainable universities of the future.

Register for this co-creative session here

  • Salzburg Global Seminar: Democracy for Young Skeptics: Creating Decolonizing Frameworks for Youth Engagement, January 26, 14:00 CET

Salzburg Global Seminar has been at the forefront of global movements for change for 76 years, with significant impact on individuals, institutions, and systems. Through programs dedicated to Peace & Justice, Education, Culture, Health, and Finance & Governance, and inspired by 40,000 Salzburg Global Fellows in 180 countries, they co‐create ideas and impacts that shape a better world.

In this session, they explore the question: why should young people believe in democracy?   Through an approach built on diverse case studies at the intersections of democracy, education, and crisis, this intergenerational panel will aim to deconstruct universalist “democracy” frameworks with the goal of creating more participatory, inclusive, and democratic spaces.

Join the session here

There are a number of other events being hosted by SGS throughout the week here

  • YouthxYouth Learning Festival, between January 26-28

YouthxYouth will be hosting their fourth annual Learning Festival in collaboration with LearningPlanet Institute. During this iteration of this festival YouthxYouth will be exploring intergenerational collaboration through their intergenerational cafe experiences where 8 cafes will explore 8 different themes around the transformation of education.

To register for their Learning Festival see here and to register for their cafe experiences see here.

Culmination: iterating the guide and beyond

We are looking forward to the seeds being sown throughout this intergenerational Festival,   which we are hopeful will sprout into learnings for  V2  of the guide. The pursuit of intergenerational collaboration in education isn’t just a chapter in the book of transformation; it’s the narrative that shapes an inclusive and thriving educational ecosystem for generations to come!