As we reflect on the recent LearningPlanet Festival, it’s clear that the ground of imagination we’ve nurtured within the Imagination in Every Classroom action group has not only sustained us but thrived, blossoming into a series of impactful, inspirational sessions.

The Imagination in Every Classroom action group, co-led by AIME Mentoring and LearningPlanet, brought a wave of creativity and imaginative thinking to the festival, marking it with memorable events that highlighted the power of imagination in education. Here’s a look at our key successes:

24 January – ‘5 Minutes for the Future’ Writing Workshop

Hosted by Imagination member Morna McNulty, this 1-hour workshop engaged 50 school students aged 10-17 from Kenya. The session was a vibrant exchange of ideas, with students diving deep into the writing prompts, sharing their imaginative visions for the future of schooling. The enthusiasm and insightful contributions from the students underscored the untapped potential in our young learners, ready to be harnessed through imaginative education.
Explore the prompts from the session

24 January – Re-imagining Schools – IMAGI-NATION {TV} Special

In January, a group of educators, artists and activists from Imagination in Every Classroom presented their projects on re-imagining schools at the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Helsinki. Our live special on IMAGI-NATION {TV}, spotlighted the 6 Dream team projects from the Helsinki research conference.  This event not only highlighted the innovative work of educators, artists, and activists but also made the case for how imagination should be considered at the heart of academic gatherings!
Check out the session here

26 January – Re-imagining Funding for Imagination in Every Classroom – IMAGI-NATION {TV} Special

This 90-minute exploration tackled the crucial topic of funding imaginative education. With a panel comprising individuals from philanthropy, education, and creative sectors worldwide, the session delved into how we can envision and secure support for imagination in classrooms. The key takeaways have laid the groundwork for future initiatives and discussions on fostering creativity in educational funding.
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Looking Forward

As we move into 2024, we are excited to build on the momentum from the festival with follow-up sessions, co-design workshops, and ongoing case studies aimed at weaving imagination more deeply into the fabric of education. Our plans include:

  1. Funding Imagination follow-up:
    Organising sessions to co-design our guide for integrating imagination into educational funding.
  2. Co-designing with members:
    Curating a book of imagination from the myriad threads formed during the festival and other collaborations. Through monthly sessions, we aim to capture and share the transformative power of imaginative practices in education
  3. Fostering hybrid connection building: We will strive to replicate and expand on the festival’s magic, particularly in fostering connections with and among schools, notably across the Imagination Embassies! 

Join the Imagination Community

The “Imagination in Every Classroom” Action Group remains committed to exploring and showcasing imaginative practices in education. As we look back on the festival’s successes, we invite you to join us in this journey of transformation and discovery. Together, we can reimagine education for a brighter, more imaginative future.

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