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Our global community gathers hundreds of passionate organisations and individuals together committed to transforming learning towards the collective solving of today and tomorrow’s most pressing challenges. Within the #LearningPlanet community, educators, researchers, doers, innovators, decision-makers and learners from all continents come together to celebrate learning and nurture one another to co-create a more desirable future.

Required community contributions from members

  • Participate in the #LearningPlanet Festival, organised every year on the occasion of the International Day of Education (24th January)! You can get involved in different ways, such as amplifying its outreach, onboarding your own community as participants, proposing your own event(s) to be added to the Festival’s programme etc
  • Share and promote relevant #LearningPlanet contents and events with your community, including the #LearningPlanet Festival
  • Follow #LearningPlanet on all social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube) and like/share updates and events, especially when you are tagged or mentioned in a post
  • Support #LearningPlanet in presenting your organisation to our other members, through events, community ‘Drop-in’ meetings, and available digital platforms such as #LearningPlanet Projects
  • Share inputs, ideas and feedback on a continuous basis for #LearningPlanet to keep improving its community services and initiatives - through the feedback form, through emails, during ‘Drop-in’ meetings etc
  • Support #LearningPlanet’s growth by recommending other suitable organisations to join the community

Join the community in just a few steps

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Your organisation is eligible to become a member of the #LearningPlanet community if:

  • your organisation is legally incorporated;
  • your organisation has been working in the space of education and learning for at least 2 years (for organisations only);
  • Your organisation shares the dream and mission of enhancing collective learning solutions for a more sustainable future (for individuals and organisations);
  • You are willing to voluntarily share your time, work, pedagogical practices and resources with the wider #LearningPlanet community (for individuals and organisations);
  • Your organisation is not involved or seemingly involved in any socially or environmentally harmful activities or organisational practices (for individuals and organisations); AND;
  • You have read, acknowledged and endorse the #LearningPlanet Statement of Purpose
Step 2: Check your annual Membership Contribution

Step 3: Membership Application form

If - and only if - you are eligible and agree with the Membership Contribution, fill in this onboarding form on behalf of your organisation

Step 4: Confirmation

We will review your submissions and send you a confirmation email inclusive of a Welcome Kit and the next steps!

Special Partnerships

Let's discuss! Contact us at

Tailored partnerships can be built around the following (but not limited to):

  • Enhanced visibility on #LearningPlanet’s website and other communication channels
  • Sponsoring of specific events and programmes (e.g. contests, awards, prizes)
  • Access to further resources, programmes and initiatives, especially from CRI
  • Co-design of events and projects
  • Customised training programmes
  • Joint research projects
  • Benchmark / research studies and consultancy

Media partnerships are also welcome. Ensure media visibility and coverage of #LearningPlanet, its community and events, and:

  • Enjoy all membership benefits
  • Become an official media partner of the #LearningPlanet community
  • Benefit from specific visibility on #LearningPlanet’s website and other communication channels
  • Participate in and be a preferred official media partner of #LearningPlanet’s core activities (e.g. Little Prince Contest, Open Pantheon)
  • Access expert, updated editorial contents to relay and amplify
  • Access, be connected to, interact with a network of experts on specific educational thematic topics to enrich your contents

How to get involved as an individual