Virtual spaces for collective intelligence
The digital tools and power of the #LearningPlanet community, one click away.

Learn how to implement #LearningPlanet’s collective intelligence tools in your community

#LearningPlanet is developing tools to learn from each other and better collaborate within and across communities.

Our goal is to offer users customized recommendations for learning resources based on their unique profiles. We also want to make it possible to share learning projects with others and connect with our broader community of learners and mentors.

To help your and others’ learning communities get off the ground, CRI is building a collaborative digital ecosystem with connected platforms:

LearningPlanet Projects

Researchers and students can upload files and share collaborative projects while taking advantage of features for connecting with other learners and mentors. Currently, 1700 projects are already online!

Do you have an idea for a project? Let us know by contacting us at

The Youth Empowerment Circle
From youth perspectives to youth empowerment
#LearningPlanet Community of Facilitators
Sharing best tools, methods and practices for facilitating learning experiences to tackle global challenges.
How might we facilitate creativity in teacher training?
LCE Cameroon
How might we facilitate meaningful connections between people, ideas and disciplines in a cohort of 100+ students?
By London Interdisciplinary School

WeLearn, our GPS of knowledge

WeLearn lets you organise and analyse your own learning path, along ways to search for pedagogical resources. Learners can search, cross-reference, and pool crucial learning resources as well as meet other users who share their same interests by harnessing the collaborative and artificial intelligence provided. Embed this artificial intelligence extension to help you organise your learning pathways and map them to others’.