Explore the #LearningPlanet Digital Toolbox
AI and collective intelligence to empower learning communities

A turnkey IT infrastructure for learning communities

LearningPlanet will be based on a global open source digital campus to empower communities to learn, do research, reflect on their learning path, share their knowledge, promote their know-how and cooperate on projects. Together with our partners and volunteer contributors, we are developing a set of interoperable tools to enable collective intelligence and help learners to find content, peers and mentors in the context of specific challenges and actions.

Learners will be invited to:

  • access appropriate educational resources;
  • create projects and learning paths adapted to their level and interest;
  • connect to other learners and mentors;
  • join other learning communities;
  • participate in research and innovation for SDGs.
Software modules currently in development

LP Connect

A private OpenID to store your learning pathways and contributions across various challenges. One entry point to all #LEARNINGPLANET partner platforms, on web and mobile.

Open Discussions

Meet people within the context of specific projects, questions, locations and interests. Upvote the best contributions and get recognized for your efforts.

Virtual meetings

Interactive, context-rich and free ways to connect with other people to host high impact gatherings/webinars/lectures etc.

Modular Projects

Finally - a global action platform with local context, multilingual support and collective intelligence built-in. Take action on challenges that are important to you, create impact in the open and allow others to replicate your results.

Collective learning

Creating and sharing public learning "playlists" as you design your learning journey and contribute. Plus, get built-in Open Recognition mechanisms.

Developer Tools

Easy ways to plug your existing tools into the LP ecosystem or use the LP connect as an identity layer for your own platform.

Demo: Projects Platform (BETA)

Give your community collaboration superpowers

Discover what LP Projects can do for your community efforts and how you can involve the public to drive open innovation projects.


A curated list of projects from various communities


Demo: GPS of Knowledge (BETA)

Join the #WELEARN Pioneers

WeLearn lets you organise and analyse your own learning path, along ways to search for pedagogical resources.