Planetizen University

Turning global challenges into learning opportunities

Who are we?

During the Transforming Education Summit’s Youth Declaration, the UN Secretary-General defined four ways to interact with youth:

  1. Ignore 
  2. Pretend to Listen
  3. Dialogue
  4. Co-Construct the Future

We are a youth-led initiative aimed at co-constructing a Planetizen University, a learning institution which equips and recognises individuals as lifelong, collaborative learners able to tackle global challenges together.


A world where education equips individuals to be lifelong learners committed to solving global challenges



To establish Planetizen University as the premier educational institution for cultivating ethical, inclusive, and respectful global citizens: Planetizens!


We want to hear from you!

On 17 September at the UN General Assembly SDG Action Weekend in New York we launched the project with an intergenerational session to start co-designing Planetizen University.
We are now taking this co-design GLOBAL!
In collaboration with PlayVerto, the Youth Fellows have created a beta version of a Planetizen University survey: the opportunity to collect thousands of insights from across the world!

What the Youth Fellows say


“A planetizen university could help us exchange our experiences through intergenerational dialogues that can help us understand and bridge the gaps between different perspectives and generations and give us an informed view of how we want our future to look like.”

— Anoushka, Youth Fellow India


“I hope to see an environment made up of a diverse, intergenerational group of individuals, a resilient focus on creativity…Here I would participate in experiential learning beyond the classroom through social impact projects, internships and programmes, alongside other generations.”

— Ananya, Youth Fellow


“Co-designing the Planetizen University has been such a privilege honestly. I feel so empowered because I am co-designing a new vision for higher education which is a really big deal.”

— Tariq, Youth Fellow, Nigeria


“I'm dreaming of an Open campus accessible to learners at all ages, across the globe. Open recognition systems, flexible learning paths, skills based, with cognitive, cultural and ethnic diversity”.

— Ryan, Youth Fellow, USA


Planetizens of all ages are learning planetizens because we can always continue to learn to (i) care for themselves, others, and the planet, (ii) work together to overcome personal, local, and global challenges (including the UN’s SDGs) by mobilizing collective intelligence and technologies that can help us to become more sustainable, (iii) recognize our global interdependence, the limits of our planet, the vulnerability of our societies, and the complexity of our world, (iv) reflect on our past, present, and future, (v) be good ancestors to the generations to come, (vi) “planetizen the movement,” in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as our thinking, actions, rights, institutions, celebrations, and ability to decide together how on Earth we’re going to live together.

– François Taddéi, Co-founder and President of the Learning Planet Institute.


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