Direct reflections from Zineb, Valentina, and Jess (YxY Community Organizers)

Our first edition of YouthXYouth (Youth by Youth) was a resounding success! Over 3 days we catalyzed a youth-led, adult-supported education activist movement consisting of:

  • 95 sessions with 470 attendees
  • 120 selected YxY Activists coming from 50 countries
  • 20 YxY Hosts: youth facilitators hosting daily “Cafés” – i.e. deep dialogue sessions with a small group of YxY Activists
  • 60 Co-Creators and partnersSo now it’s time for our next step: To grow this movement, together. Let’s choose to collaborate and co-create solutions that serve young people globally.

    You can keep the energy and co-creation flowing with the following actions:

    For Those of You Who Attended: Give us FeedbackHERE – What did we do well? What can we do to improve? We need your inputs to learn and grow!

    Make the Most of our YxY Resources

Subscribe to our Youtube channel — If there are videos you would like us to add, channels you recommend, and playlists you would like to see in the future, share them with us by emailing us [email protected]

Sign our Petition HERE to petition for every education ministry to ensure there is a youth council guiding and deciding the future of education. Share this with EVERYONE you know and ask them to sign. Use this petition to begin a conversation. Start a dialogue about the rights of young people to have agency over their education, and then invite them to sign the petition.

Share Donation Link HERE with potential friends, family members, and funders who can support this movement. Funds will be used to support 3 priority areas:

Pay people (including YxY Hosts, Co-Creators, Coaches, and Organizers) for their time given to YxY Activists and its future Experiences

Buy better tech tools for YxY communications, our community hub, website, and organizing of future Experiences (so we no longer have Zoom links getting lost in cyberspace…) – andupgrade internet connection for any YxY Activist who needs it (so no one’s internet gets in the way of fully contributing to this community as they wish to do so)

Support YxY projects. We want to be able to give young people access to the resources they need either through supporting them directly or by connecting them with the right partners and funders.

Finally, if you would like to have a longer chat and discuss your involvement in this movement and the ideas you have for it we would absolutely love that! You can email Zineb at [email protected] to book a meeting. In the words of our YxY Host Olatomiwa Olusesi, “The best time to plant a mahogany tree was 50 years ago, as it takes 50 years to grow. So the second-best time to plant a mahogany tree is today, so we can see the seeds we’ve planted in 50 years.”

The seeds of our young community have been sown, and now is the time to water those seeds so they can grow roots in the soils of our society.

We hope to keep watering the seeds we are planting, together!