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Panel: Recommendations for strategic opportunities to transform youth engagement with WHO and partners8*


  • Create a fully resourced WHO strategy for engaging with young people

Modernise WHO culture to orient the organisation towards young people, ensuring

that none are left behind in the Sustainable Development Goals era

Country impact:

  • Engage all young people, taking into account their diverse backgrounds and characteristics, in health and sustainable development planning and implementation
  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations to engage safely, effectively, and meaningfully to enable young people to augment their knowledge and lead on health and rights

Focusing global public goods on impact:

  • Engage young people throughout the design and delivery of global public goods, particularly on issues that affect their health and rights
  • Establish an innovative partnership and technology-driven platform so that young people can share their experiences and ideas to monitor and drive change on health and the Sustainable Development Goals


  • Forge innovative partnerships with diverse organisations that engage with young people

Mobilise resources for a comprehensive, coherent global movement that engages the

power of young people for health and sustainable development