This publication provides an overview of the policies, strategies and actions put in place by the Network’s 246 member cities, across 80 countries. The diverse and innovative actions undertaken by the cities has revealed the importance of culture and creativity for urban development. Drawing on the seven creative fields of the Network – Crafts and Fold Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Media, Arts and Music – UNESCO Creative Cities aims to impact various components of public action, from structural economic and technology transformation, to socio-economic progress, job creation and innovation, while contributing to social inclusion, sustainable human development and environmental sustainability.

The publication is designed as a practical tool to allow all stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the work undertaken by the UNESCO Creative Cities to explore opportunities for collaboration and exchange. It also represents a call for collective advocacy on the power of culture and creativity for reinventing cities and enhancing further their resilience and sustainability.

Culture and creativity play a key role in sustainable urban development. They contribute to diversifying the economy and generating jobs but they also enhance the quality of life of citizens by participating to a city’s social fabric and cultural diversity.

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