Photo Credit: Pablo Heimplatz

Whilst many of us have found the day-to-day of past year very challenging, when we look back and reflect we can see how these challenges have shaped and influenced us; they have taught us a lot about who we are, the society around us and our place within it.

The LearningPlanet Festival celebrates learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet and is a fantastic opportunity to gather to share our reflections – to join with others and rejoice in what we’ve learned over the past year and to use to it influence our futures.

We reached out to some of the LearningPlanet Youth Fellows to hear what they are most looking forward to celebrating with others at this year’s Festival. Here’s what they said!

I am looking forward to celebrating e-learning and borderless learning opportunities that were created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only this but I am also looking forward to exploring in depth the mindset of giving back to the community all that we have learnt.

Amna is the founder of Global Creative Hub and an advocate for girls’ education and digital literacy. She is passionate about using digital for social good and the UN SDGs.

I want to celebrate this interconnection between ourselves, others, and the planet. Because taking care of the planet means taking care of each other, we can be proud to lead such a beautiful and meaningful fight. So in this complicated and often hopeless struggle, just celebrate the courage and beauty of doing it anyway. This idea is that it is better to sink in beauty than to float without any grace.

Féris is a student of politics and philosophy who is committed to ecology, especially via Tiktok where he raises awareness on ecological issues.
Féris is particularly interested in environmental justice.

I want to celebrate unity in diversity.

I know that we have different cultures, beliefs and perspectives but I know that we can have a common goal to have a better future for the society and the planet.

Micha is a chemist, a youth leader and changemaker whose focus is on sustainability and resiliency at the grassroots level.

I look forward to celebrating the value of psychology and communication in educational processes with others. Along with these dynamics, I want to celebrate making constructivist and collaborative learning more common.

Muhammet is an energetic and hopeful fellow who believes mental health is what people should protect most carefully. As a new graduate, he organises sessions aiming to raise awareness of young individuals around him.

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