Join The World’s Largest Lesson as they launch their new resources to help every child share their views on how they would transform education!

The World’s Largest Lesson is helping students take action for education and SDG4 this year with a new collection of creative teaching resources. All the resources are free, multilingual and use data as the start point for action. There’s a short animated film, a data skills lesson plan, a gamified survey allowing students to share their views on education and an activity to teach their own lesson. Everything can be found here and it’s a great way to get students talking about their learning.

The learning resources are available for all students aged 10+ with resources available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu. The Transforming Education survey will be available in more languages as well in addition to the above.

World's Largest Lesson call to action cover photo.

The World’s Largest Lesson invites children to join in this ambition by using the power of data to understand and speak up about the education they want for all.

How can you be involved?

Do you reach students?
Encourage them to take part in our survey and share their views:

Do you reach educators?
Encourage them to help students understand and take action for education with these classroom activities:

Do you reach parents/ caregivers or families?
Encourage them to start a conversation about what school is for. Encourage your children to take part in our survey:

Get involved at key moments:

At the start of your school year – In many parts of the world this takes place around September
19th September 2022 – Transforming Education Summit

20th November 2022 – World Children’s Day
24th January 2023 – International Day of Education (results from the survey published and made available online)