Mr Franco Mosso

CEO and Co-founder

Enseña Peru

Franco is CEO and co-founder at Enseña Peru. He finds, connects and develops leaders to transform education together. His passion is student leadership. He holds a master’s degree in education from Harvard and studies in strategy also from Harvard. He is a TEDx Speaker and Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow. He was a member of the Network Advisory Council of the global network Teach for all. He is also an author, publishing several chapters and articles in UNESCO, Diplomatic Courier, OECD, Teach for All, Harvard Latin Review, Global Education Initiative. In 2018 he was the recipient of the Leadership in Education award from Harvard, as well as the Faculty Tribute award from Harvard. His courses have become public policy in several regions in his country, scaling to thousands of teachers, especially promoting transformations such as student agency and personalized teaching in rural areas. He lives in Peru with his wife and daughter.



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