Join this hackathon for peace

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Many of us feel very concerned about the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. Many feel they want to contribute but do not know how, others know great initiatives that search for contributors, or may have ideas but lack time, or hands, or are not in a position where they can implement them. 

This hackathon concentrates on non-violent initiatives in various fields (communication, psychology, arts, technology…) that contribute to bringing peace between the two countries, but also between the people, and within ourselves. Only by bringing our knowledge, intelligence and energy together will we be able to bring solutions for peace. 

The hackathon will be held online on the evening of the 4th May and throughout 7 – 8 May (there will be co-working spaces open in some partner towns). It aims to transform ideas to projects and/or contribute to existing initiatives, bring together pacifists of all countries, gender, religion, faiths and disciplines to work toward a common goal: peace.