In this special Youth Voices series, we reached out to our changemakers to gain insight into their stories, dreams, hopes, and desires for the future, to potentially inspire the start of a new story for another young person and help recruit more like-minded Youth Fellows! 

The third of this three-part series asks:

What are the causes that are important to you and why?

Youth Changemaker LearningPlanet

Poverty is one cause; I believe if we have better working system, we could have wealth. Due to poverty and several factors, our kids are dying with hunger, women have poor menstrual and sexual and reproductive health system because sanitary products are still considered luxury. So, generating sustainable employment system could erase poverty.

Anum is the co-founder of a youth-led organization called PuchickxCommunity, whose goal is to empower passionate youth for social changes and provide the opportunities to serve at its best. 

Education for children – improving access to education is one of the most important causes anyone could possibly contribute to and it can positively impact the lives of countless children.

Yajna is an enthusiastic and interactive young Indian South African medical scientist and a research fellow.

It’s your turn to apply be a Youth Fellow!

Are you a young changemaker under 25 years old who is passionate about social and/or environmental impact? This is your opportunity to connect with a growing network of youth and engage with the wider LearningPlanet Alliance of 300+ organisations around the world. You will be invited to participate in a series of training sessions, be interviewed for our blogging space, participate in events, and more!