In this special Youth Voices series, we reached out to our current LearningPlanet Youth Fellows to gain insight into their stories, dreams, hopes, and desires for the future, to potentially inspire the start of a new story for another young person and help recruit more like-minded changemakers! 

The second of this three-part series asks:

Why should people be part of the Youth Fellow community?

Are you a young changemaker under 25 years old who is passionate about social and/or environmental impact? This is your opportunity to connect with a growing network of youth and engage with the wider LearningPlanet Alliance of 300+ organisations around the world. You will be invited to participate in a series of training sessions, be interviewed for our blogging space, participate in events, and more!

Obadia, a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow, shares his advice on why to join the community.

This is a community of inspiring people all across the world. Everyone has a unique background, a unique skill to share and a willingness to learn from one another. This makes it the perfect place to showcase your work and talent and at the same time receiving support from others.

Obadia is an aspiring entrepreneur and changemaker who is committed to sustainability and the upliftment of youth. He started an initiative with the aim of improving the educational development of youth in his community.

The Youth Fellows community is hands down one of the best young-people safe spaces you will ever find. There is no judgment here, there is no fear here and best of all, you get motivated to hack all the projects!

Miya is 18 years old and an aspiring change maker. She’s also a student social worker, a mental health advocate, and above everything else considers herself humbly human.

Miya, a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow, shares her advice on why to join the community.
Zac, a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow, shares his advice on why to join the community.

Young people should join the Youth Fellows community to learn from, contribute to and collaborate with, other Youth Fellows through activities such as the LearningPlanet Festival as well as community sessions and trainings with LearningPlanet and partners.

Zac is a young multicultural activist advocating for a better world with a brighter future. He is also a scholarship recipient, an ICT and MUN enthusiast.