Ever had a new thought or idea pop into your mind and wondered, “Where did that come from?”…Probably from your imagination.

Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change.

We want to see imagination in action to transform education, and we’re inviting you to be part of the change!

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What happened at the Imagination Circle session?

On Thursday 28 July, live on IMAGI-NATION {TV}, AIME and LearningPlanet hosted a 90-minute around-the-world special to launch a global project on imagination. The focus: gathering knowledge from people and organisations using imagination and taking action to change the way the world works through education.  

The show was hosted by Jack Manning Bancroft (founder, AIME Mentoring) and Olivier Brechard (COO, LearningPlanet). They brought together the imagination, knowledge and energy of people of all ages and backgrounds—students, educators, climate activists, researchers, designers, thinkers and more – who dug into what imagination means and how it is being used and can be used to transform teaching and learning in schools and outside of school to build a fairer world.

The goal of the session was to bring together the leading thinkers in the AIME and LearningPlanet networks using the imagination as a tool for educational transformation. By the end, we hoped to have a really rich base of insights that will be the foundation for the development of the Imagination Circle long-term.

“We have 7 billion imaginations and that gives us hope”

Raghda El Halawany, MasterPeace

What subjects were discussed within the realm of imagination and education?

Imagination and Peace

What do we need to learn to become one of the species that doesn’t require violence to evolve? Could that become one of the criterias for building our imagination capacity? Co-created, hopeful, beautiful, co-existing, harmonious. Imagination can create better worlds, and make them real.

Pavel Luksha, Founder, Global Education Futures, Russia

Imagination and Young Gamechangers

When I was young, I was a child that could not openly express my emotions, instead, I could write, draw and dance about it for hours; letting my mind run wild on paper and in my moves. If we did not have imagination, paintings would not have been painted, music would not have been composed, choreographies would not have been created, stories would not have been told.

Tanatsiwa Christabel Dube, IMAGI-NATION {University}, Zimbabwe

Imagination and Pedagogy

We can push the barriers to imagination in school through experiments. What are the conditions that imagination can thrive in? Imagination in simplest form => playing with possibility.

Nia Lewis, Learning Architect, Youth Inc / IMAGI-NATION {University}, Australia 

Imagination and Creativity

In the arts you would never go ‘hey everyone, let’s be imaginative!’ Finding the best ways of connecting up the rational, logical, intuitive, and imaginative. Place-based networks to do this. Bringing imagination as part of a circular way of tackling challenges; not necessarily facing everything head-on.

Alan Boldon, CEO, Dartington Hall Trust, Co-founder, Weave, United Kingdom

Imagination and Nature

Imagination has always been at the core of what we do: what is the smallest action I can take to solve challenges? My first action as an eco-warrior was planting a tree on my 8th birthday. Permitting youth to imagine what they can do. Small steps to start the action and build. Give permission to every individual to chart their own path to success, while giving back to their community, and to nature.

Kehkashan Basu, founder, Green Hope Foundation, Canada

About AIME: Since 2005 we’ve been focusing on six knowledge areas to power our ability to initiate, facilitate, unite and power unlikely connections to inspire actions that create a fairer world, and in sync with our knowledge we’ve been refining 18 values on what it takes to be an unlikely mentor – to build bridges. More recently we’ve discovered the unlikeliest of teachers of our knowledge, our Professors, who have become the ultimate guides for AIME’s network.