Our friends at Complexity University are launching the “Gigatonne Challenge” to mobilize 100 teams of about 15 people, regional or city-based, to work on active emissions reduction over 2 x 2-week sprints in March and April 2021. The framework for this is based on 20+ years of work on social lab methodology in practice and working on complex social challenges globally.

Below you can read the official brief:


The climate crisis is not one crisis but several all wrapped into one. It is a crisis of inequality leading to the destruction of our natural habitat. It is a crisis impacting the most vulnerable of us. It is a crisis that will trigger many other crises.

The Gigatonne Lab is a cohort-based leadership programme designed for anyone who is frustrated with business-as-usual. It invites us to ‘unlearn’ many of our current mechanistic mindsets and practices for working on complex challenges.

Over a two-week intensive you will work in a regional or city-based cohort on learning how to practically tackle the climate crisis. Not more empty speeches. Not more hollow reports or promises. Not more conferences to just talk about the problem. Real action with a real strategy.

At the heart of the Gigatonne Lab is the Gigatonne Strategy, a ground-breaking at-scale, at-pace strategic response to the climate crisis.

What’s the commitment?

This is an intensive engagement, but you should be able to complete it even if you’re working full time (you might want to freeze some food and stock up on coffee as they say).

There are up to 15 hours of scheduled sessions over 2-weeks. Additionally, participants can expect between 1-3 hours of work during the week as individuals.

The Monday/Friday plenary sessions will be 90 mins each day. The Tues/Weds/Thurs cohort sessions will require a 60-90 minute commitment.

The plenary sessions take place at 1500 UTC. (click here to find what time that is for you locally).

March Sessions | 15-26 March 2021

April Sessions | 12-23 April 2021

What’s in it for me?

You will benefit from an intensive two-week action learning experience in how to move from ideas to action, by directly tackling perhaps the greatest and most urgent complex challenge of our times. You will meet and work with other committed and courageous individuals from your city, and learn how to be effective together, fast. In the future – by which we mean within the next two years – the intention is for teams who are committed and effective to be funded to do the work of tackling the climate crisis. Embedded within our strategy is equity and jobs creation, but we are not there yet and to get there we need people to show willing, get stuck in, get trained and prove the concept.

Find out more and sign up:

1. Gigatonne Challenge sign up and website

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