Imagine 200 million students engaged in solving real world problems.



An easy, modular, open source and data driven collaborative ecosystem to create, share and scale challenge-based curriculum, focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We strive to build an inclusive ecosystem open to all the organisations that are willing to contribute.





There are more than 200 million students in higher education;

Most students feel disengaged from the learning process;

Most students feel highly concerned about world’s biggest problems.


We want to experiment and scale effective pedagogies for creative problem-solving within the SDG framework to engage students and education practitioners.



School and higher education students; Teachers and school administration; Local government bodies ; Local businesses and community leaders


Empower students by developing the problem-solving mindset; Prototype potential solutions for local and global challenges.


A global partnership

*One Learning Planet is a UNESCO and CRI initiative to build a global partnership for empowering learners to create a better future.


Building on success stories


Save the date

Learning Planet Assembly: July 26-27th 2019. Hosted by CRI in Paris

A launching event to build momentum among pioneers of SDG-based curriculum design.


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