World’s Largest Lesson

At a glance

📍Where: Worldwide

🗓 Date: Ongoing

Impact: 8 millions children reached in 130 countries

🌍 SDG: 4, 17

World’s Largest Lesson has contributed a great deal to delivering ready-to-use educational tools and bringing SDG awareness to children and young people.

World’s Largest Lesson trains teachers to educate children and young people on SDGs. They have designed lesson plans to guide educators in their SDG sensitization journey. They provide educators with a variety of innovative course materials, ranging from animated films to comics, books, and games. All of the course materials are classified and identified by the Global Goal they address. Their efforts are supported by celebrities such as Serena Williams which work to strengthen World’s Largest Lesson's reach and visibility.

They ultimately aim to compel children and young people to take actions that are aligned with SDGs. Since their inception in September 2015, World’s Largest Lesson has reached 130 countries and 8 million children in 2018. All their resources are free, open source, and translated into over 10 languages.