Design for Change

At a glance

📍Where: 65 countries and regions

🗓 Date: All year

Impact: 2 million children reached in 65 countries and regions

🌍 SDG: 4,17

Design for Change is one of the most powerful tools one can imagine for Education to SDGs and runs on a strong motto: only 4 steps are needed to achieve the “I can” mindset.
Design for Change intends to work on the unfulfilled promises of education. They argue that education has unfortunately acted as a deterrent to imagination, creativity, and empathetic mindsets. As a result, too many cohorts students ended up graduating with the “I can’t” mindset.
To reverse that negative trend, Design for Change worked on a concrete and simple framework to foster change. A ‘magic formula’ has been specially designed to make that change happen and has been called ‘FIDS for KIDS’. The acronym stands for ‘Feel’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Do’, and ‘Share’. They also supplement their action with ongoing studies to assess their impact on the holistic development of children, on their empathy and problem-solving abilities.

The list of their achievements is impressive. They noted that teacher involvement improved, parental perceptions became positive, community behaviour changed, significant sustainable positive change occurred, and that children became more collaborative. They won the Design to Improve Life Award in 2011 and the “Light of Freedom” Award, at the Vital Voices, U.S.A.

Here are some of Design for Change’s numerous impacts:
- 2 million children reached
- More than 31,000 stories of change
- More than 65 countries and regions covered
- More than 76,000 teachers connected