Bringing imagination and action together to transform education

Welcome to the Imagination Circle!

The Circle brings together people exploring and testing imagination programmes, workshops and curriculums inside formal and informal education systems.  

The goal of the Circle over the next 10 years is to showcase imagination practice in the transformation of education, understand the impact of imagination in classrooms, and build a global knowledge base of imagination in pedagogy.

Get involved!

1. Stories: Join our IMAGI-NATION {TV} specials to showcase imagination practice in the transformation of education
Quarterly gathering of Imagination Circle live on YouTube looking at how people in a variety of learning spaces are building parameters that allow imagination to flourish and showcasing the power of imagination as a tool to transform education.

2. Learning: Meet fellow practitioners to build a global knowledge base of imagination and pedagogy

Monthly Imagination Circle co-working sessions where leading practitioners pool knowledge, experience and resources on imagination for transforming education: 

  • Bringing ideas or actions around imagination pedagogy, imagination resources they find valuable, imagination practices they would like to see in learning spaces
  • Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, resources as contributions to building our knowledge base and co-creating the life and work of the Circle.

3. Research: Understanding the impact of imagination in classrooms

The Circle will be partnering with the ‘Sparking imagination research project’, led by the University of Sydney, which aims to build an imagination pedagogy framework for Australian schools. It will look at Indigenous cultural imagination practices and how they can inform design of an Imagination Education Pedagogic Framework for schools in Australia and further afield.