At a glance

Where: Global (based in London)

Impact: 13 jurisdictions in 9 countries on 6 continents connected through GELP

SDG: 4

The Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP) comprises leaders committed to transforming education in practice and in policy. GELP’s mission is the development and implementation, at scale, of new pedagogies, curricula and assessment that enable every student to develop and to demonstrate higher order capabilities.

GELP provides a meeting point for national and regional governments, research organizations, philanthropists, and other education providers and professionals to collaborate to solve shared challenges, generate fresh insights and ideas, and develop policy and practice interventions.

Chaired by Valerie Hannon and Anthony Mackay, GELP is a growing vibrant community of education innovators partnered with institutions such as the Centre for Education Research and Innovation (OECD, Paris), the World Innovation Summit on Education (WISE, Qatar), the Asia Society and the Global Cities Education Network (New York), New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (Toronto), the Centre for Curriculum Redesign (Boston), Global Education Futures (Russia), and the International Summit on the Teaching Profession. GELP publishes writing by leaders in their community and hosts events around the world to gather education thought-leaders together in one room and spark debate and conversation in person.