Launched in 2011 by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), the WISE Prize for Education is an international prize that rewards an individual or a team for their outstanding contributions to education. The Prize raises the status of education by giving it similar prestige as other areas of study and work for which international prizes exist, such as literature, peace, and economics.

The Laureate is selected based on criteria that assess the significance and lasting impact of their work at any level of education. The selection is made by an international jury of education stakeholders and announced at the biennial summit’s Opening Plenary Session, where the Awardee receives a gold medal and $500,000.

The WISE Prize for Education Laureates are inspiring role model for all those concerned with building the future of education as the foundation for a more secure, prosperous, and sustainable world.

The 2019 WISE Prize for Education was presented to Larry Rosenstock, Founder of High Tech High, United States of America.

Mr. Larry Rosenstock, CEO and Founding Principal of High Tech High, a network of American public charter schools is the seventh WISE Prize for Education laureate. He is recognized for his lifelong dedication to rethinking K-12 learning and tackling inequality through education. He has pioneered the concept of project-based education. His model also reimagines the role of teachers as designers who adapt their curricula and blend a variety of subjects based on the specific needs of each student.

High Tech High (HTH), founded in 2000, breaks down a number of barriers: the obstacles to accessing quality education, the separation of academic from technical learning, and the isolation of schools from the community and the real world. Tackling inequalities is at the heart of HTH’s mission, with schools that enroll students through a zip-code based lottery. This approach has allowed students to reach their full potential, with 98% of High Tech High students accepted to university (versus 69% nationwide). You can learn more about HTH here.