Are you interested in tackling today’s pressing issues, such as wellbeing, equity, youth rights, peace and the environment? Would you like to celebrate the International Day of Education on 24 January in some way shape or form? Welcome!  

The LearningPlanet Festival brings together hundreds of pioneering organisations and youth activists learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet. There are several ways to get involved; read on below for some suggestions and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments!

1. Host a session/s showcasing your organisation

Gather your community online or locally and take part in the Festival with your event: conference, masterclass, workshop, hackathon, game, performance…dare to be as creative as possible! Get inspired by some already confirmed events here.

2. Get your free ticket and join as an active participant

Not sure if you can host an event, but would still like to join as a participant? We would be delighted to welcome you! You could register for other events happening in your local community or online. There are events for everyone. 

3. Spread the word

We hope you agree that the world needs more and more opportunities to celebrate success stories across education, sustainability, peace-building and more. You could help spread the word by:
– Sharing about the event online using our communications kit
– Suggesting events to your friends (copy and paste event links from our Festival platform)

4. Join us behind the scenes

We are always on the lookout for Festival volunteers from across the world to communicate about the sessions, welcome speakers, and much more. Fill in this form if you are interested. 

5. Engage in the conversation on our social networks and the dedicated Festival Discord channel

Follow us, post about us, engage with us – we’ll be happy to engage back!

Twitter: @learningplanet_

Instagram: @learningplanet_

LinkedIn: @learningplanetorg


Our Discord server is an opportunity to connect with fellow Festival participants, and its organising team!