Dr. Stephen Friend

Oxford University

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Dr. Stephen Friend

Visiting Professor of Connected Medicine

Dr. Friend is an authority in the fields of genetic resilience, cancer biology, and digital health. At Dana Farber and MIT his team cloned the first human cancer susceptibility gene. While on the Faculty at Harvard his lab went on to identify molecularly that p53 mutations were driving the tumors in LFS. There he was jointly recruited with Lee Hartwell to co-found “The Seattle Project” at the Hutch in Seattle and then co-founded and led “Rosetta Impharmatics” where they developed the RNA expression approaches to assess the aggressiveness of breast cancers now used across the world. Merck acquired Rosetta and as SVP for Oncology he rebuilt the cancer franchise using molecular profiling techniques. After working at Apple from 2014-2017 on digital health, he is now a co-founder and President of 4YouandMe, the Founder and Chairman of Sage Bionetworks, and based Oxford as a Visiting Professor of Connected Medicine. Stephen now works on using smartphones and wearables to enhance symptoms, to more accurately follow conditions, understand the role of stress, and evolve ways for wearables to empower individuals so as to navigate their health conditions and leads the LPI SAB.

United Kingdom

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