This year’s LearningPlanet festival is more action-focused than ever!

The LearningPlanet Festival is back from 24 to 27 January 2024! We can’t wait to celebrate and inspire new ways of learning with you. The LearningPlanet Festival is a gathering like no other, where educators, students, innovators, and lifelong learners from all walks of life unite to share their passion for learning and discovery. It is a moment where we collectively embrace the transformative power of education.

The LearningPlanet Alliance and all its partners are putting together a vibrant programme for its fifth edition!  Everyday, new events are being added to our event-platform by our amazing community and we couldn’t be more excited. A heartfelt thank you to all of you.

Explore and sign up for our sessions co-created with our community (partners and action groups), across a range of shared priorities: a unique opportunity to discover how to engage with the LearningPlanet Alliance.

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Wednesday 24 January 2024, International Day of Education

Thursday 25 January 2024, building the future with Youth

  • 15h00-17h00 CET   Building a Planetizen UniversityThis session brings together partners across institutions worldwide to collaboratively build the 10 year vision of “Planetizen University” – a reimagined model of higher education adapted to the transitions of our time. It will celebrate as part of this the finalists of the inaugural Planetizen University Youth Design Challenge, where youth participants from across the world have been pitching their dream learning programmes for flourishing, engaged and sustainable universities of the future.
  • 17h00-18h30 CET  Moving Towards a Peaceful FutureThis event aims to tackle the question “What does it take to move towards a peaceful future?” and elaborate on new models to support, mentor and train young leaders and changemakers worldwide in their transformative actions. We will dwell into the discussion and best practices to tackle conflict transformation and positive peace development.

Friday 26 January 2024, Education for human flourishing

  • 14h00-15h00 CET    Teachers for the Planet: 100 Solutions LaterEmbark on an inspiring journey with the Teachers for the Planet Programme! Fresh from their impactful presentation at COP28 in Dubai, this dynamic event will showcase the collected repository of 100 solutions to climate education from teachers, a testament to the creativity and dedication of educators worldwide, collected over the past year.
  • 15h00-16h30 CET Fostering Human Flourishing: Learning Ecosystems RoundtableJoin us at the Education for Human Flourishing Roundtable, where you’ll engage with the ideas, innovations and collaborations driving one of the most important strategic debates for many years.
  • 16h30-17h30 CET   Unlocking Potential: Education for Afghan Girls Against All OddsThe United Nations reports that 80 percent of Afghan girls are currently not in school. After over two years of Taliban rule, this affects 2.5 million girls who are denied access to secondary and tertiary education. We’ll confront the urgent question: How can we effectively equip these girls with the knowledge and skills essential for their immediate development and long-term wellbeing?
  • 17h30-19h30 CET  In the Mood for Poetic Futures (hybrid)Welcome to a full, exciting and unprecedented poetic journey composed of an introductory poetic multiple performance, an inspiring roundtable with various poets from around the world to discuss the role of poetry and poetics to imagine and co-write possible desirable futures for tomorrow, followed by a unique collective poetic experience to design new horizons

Saturday 27 January 2024, Artivism and closing Ceremony

  • 14h00-15h30 CET    Artivism – Arts for the PlanetIn this session, our panelists from all over the world will share their experiences and insights into how artivism in all its forms can be a catalyst for transformation in the world of education. Join us for an enlightening discussion that will showcase real-world examples of artivist projects that can challenge norms and reshape learning paradigms.
    Discover more events from our partners on Arts and Artivism.
  • 16h00-17h30 CET    Closing Ceremony

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