Tell us about yourself

I am the founder of Vive la Cumbre. Our foundation develops the emotional bond between young people and educators with nature. We want to sustain life in their territories through collective actions.

I have been working in education across different roles for 9 years. Over time, I have discovered the value of nature-based education in fullfilling the human need for connection.

Why did you decide to join the Teachers for the Planet Programme?

We believe that it is fundamental to highlight the work accomplished to build upon existing efforts and amplify impact through collaborative creation with others.

Tell us about your contribution as part of the 100 solutions presented at COP. How do you involve kids on environmental issues? 

We create experiences in nature that enable young people and teachers to understand how nature works. That way, they can also recognise themselves as expressions of this nature.

We use experiential learning pedagogy for these experiences, as it facilitates the creation of a deep bond with nature. We have seen actions protecting human and non-human life emerge from emotions throughout the years. Indeed, we believe that intellectual understanding of the climate crisis is not enough to mobilise people. On the other side, emotions can be the precursor of action.

If you had to pick one word to describe your experience at COP, what would it be, and why?


COP allowed me to see with different eyes the dynamics governing the education sector and its intricate connections with politics and economics. This experience broadened my understanding of diverse viewpoints in the education world. I could understand other value scales and identify recurring patterns shared among educators from various countries.

What were your activities at COP? Did you get the chance to interact with a diverse group of people? What did you take away from those interactions?

I attended several workshops on greening education. I also had the opportunity to speak at the official launch of the Teachers for the Planet programme.

The group of people representing the programme was very. diverse. We participated in sessions where diversity was even greater, interacting with NGOs and other organisations.

I found it fascinating and enriching; it broadened many of my ideas and introduced new ones. I could start connecting what we do at Vive la Cumbre with the entire climate education ecosystem.

Do you believe teachers’ voices were genuinely heard and valued at COP? In what ways?

I do believe that we were heard. Above all, I feel this opened doors for our experience to be relevant in decision-making. This extends not only to those directly involved in education but also to politicians and the productive sectors of the economy.

Our presence changed the idea that educators might not have the skills to be involved in such spaces. I see it as a small step, but it’s still not very clear where it will take us in a few years.

Did you feel supported in your involvement? From whom did you receive the most support? 

I initially felt 100% accompanied and supported by Lennart, Andy, and Sarah. Later, I felt supported by the wonderful group of educators who were sharing their experiences in Dubai.

I feel a lot of gratitude to Lennart for bringing these issues into to the attention of the Teach for All network and to Andy for his confidence in our work and our abilities.

After your experience at COP, what emotions are you left with? Do you have hope? 

I am left with the sense of being in a bubble, with a growing need to engage more people and organizations from other sectors, for the greening of education.

I have hope but I acknowledge that, just like my values and ideals are genuine, attracting people who may still not grasp the importance of these issues must begin with love rather than anger. For this, I recognise there is still a long way to go, shaped by interactions like those I experienced at COP28.

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