Beyond Education is a France-based educational startup, and member of EdTech France. We develop and provide online courses spanning 21st-century competencies for students aged 10 to 18. Programmes include self-awareness, self-management, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship, global citizenship. The Beyond Education team consists of educators, researchers and designers of innovative learning experiences.

We are excited to share with your school an opportunity for your students to join our upcoming programs for free,  boost their 21st century competencies and take part in the competition to win some interesting prizes! The only prerequisite is that they are between 15-18 years old and have a proficient level of English. Teachers can also take part in this competition by sharing it with students and encouraging them to complete it.

Currently, there are students from schools in UAE, Slovakia, Czech Republic, South Africa, France, Colombia, Italy and India that subscribed for the programs. Please see more information about the upcoming programs below:

1) Program: BE Confident (Self-awareness)
Starting Date: 4th of October 2021
Enrollment date deadline: 27th of September 2021

2) Program: BE Organized (Self-management)
Starting Date: 11th of October 2021
Enrollment date deadline: 4th of October 2021

3) Program: BE an Entrepreneur (Entrepreneurship)
Starting Date: 25th of October 2021
Enrollment date deadline: 11th of October 2021

Each programme takes 2 months, 2 hours per week with the following structure:

  • 12 self-directed learning experiences ( ~45min, asynchronous)
  • 7 action labs, project-based learning experience in a diverse group of students (1 hour, synchronous)

No specific teacher involvement will be needed. In the end, students receive a report on their skills and can add it to their CV or for their future applications for university. The results from the first pilot showed that there was a statistically significant difference in pre and post-test measuring development of students’ competencies, indicating that students do develop their 21st century competencies. The program reached a high level of satisfaction and 92% of students who participated would strongly recommend it to other young people.

Get inspired and explore more through these videos: