Introduce yourself!

I am Keshav Gupta, based out of New Delhi, India. I lead an organisation called The Dais (the organiser of the Model UN), dedicated to youth empowerment and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. I also identify myself with my hobbies of spending time with musical instruments, chess pieces, and plants. 

You are organizing a Model UN during the LearningPlanet Festival. What is it about and why should we participate?

We are organising a Model UN for youth where they will get an opportunity to represent different countries around the world and create collaborative solutions to some of the most important challenges that the world is currently facing.  This will be the second edition of the Model UN being hosted at the Festival.

Young people should participate because they are the leaders of today and their voices, actions and solutions are having a real impact on the world in the present and in the future. The United Nations will also greatly benefit from innovative solutions and youth-led advocacy on several of these issues and the fresh perspective that young people bring in.

Who would be your ideal participants? How can we join? 

Our ideal participant would be any young person between the age group of 13 – 26 years old from anywhere across the world, passionate about learning and creating an impact in the world towards a better future for all. Prior experience in Model UN can be helpful but we will be providing training workshops for all interested youth so anyone wishing to learn and engage in public speaking, debate, diplomacy and collaborative problem-solving will have a great time at the Model UN. 

You can join in by signing up at the LearningPlanet Festival event platform and our team will reach out to you for your onboarding and participation.

Model UN screenshot from lasy year's LearningPlanet Festival with Karan from the Youth Council as one of the Chairs.

Last year’s Model UN during the Festival with Karan from the Youth Council as one of the Chairs.

What are you looking for with this event? What would be your dream outcome?

We are looking for inspiring young leaders to share their ideas, and solutions on themes related to mental health, climate change, reimagining education, using AI for good and remodeling the UN system. Our dream outcomes would include resolutions on each of the above issues, along with powerful calls to action led by youth. Another dream outcome of the Model UN is the new connections, networks and friendships between youth leaders from around the world.

Are you optimistic about the future?

The future holds many challenges, but at the same can hold opportunities for all of us to change ourselves and work together for a peaceful, green, healthy and equal world. It is in the prospect of coming together and working together that I have optimism for the future.