In this interview, meet Shivi and Holly from Reboot the Future.

Reboot the Future. It is a promising name! Can you tell us more?

Thank you! Reboot the Future is a non-profit, set up in 2018 to catalyse action towards a compassionate, sustainable and equitable future. We deliver hope-filled campaigns and programmes which promote the Golden Rule – treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated. We believe this ancient wisdom sits within all of us, calling us to connect and take action for ourselves, each other and the natural world. It is a simple but powerful call to action which can be applied to every aspect of our lives, from our families to our infrastructure.

Concretely, how do you go against the divisive drive to “win” that seems to prevail in our modern era?

Reboot’s work is all about deepening connection and inspiring action for ourselves, others and the planet. Our campaigns and programmes are built on the hope and joy that comes from working together and supporting each other. In nature, there are many examples of affluence that comes from being stronger together and flowing with renewed resilience toward a common goal. That’s why collaborating with and amplifying other organisations and individuals is a vital part of the work that we do. When done right, the ripple effects of collaborative action can be felt for generations to come.

Can you tell us about your latest campaign ‘We Are Antarctica’ and why Antarctica is so important?

As a key regulator of our climate and ocean systems, Antarctica is one of the most vulnerable regions on our planet and one of the most important to our future. The mission of our campaign was to connect people with Antarctica, and the climate crisis that threatens her, so we partnered with Earthrise Studio who produced the beautiful short film We Are Antarctica. Through the power of conversation and film we asked people to reimagine their relationship with this great icy wilderness and take collective action from a place of love and hope. In December, we rolled the campaign out to 106 schools in 23 countries with our Big Antarctica Conversation and teaching pack.

Reboot the future - We are Antarctica

How is education central to your work and who are you partnering with?

Education is vital in rebooting the future. We provide regenerative education resources and programmes which empower and inspire young people to treat others and the planet as they would wish to be treated. Our education work is supported by Pearson, including our online resource hub Global Dimension which features hundreds of resources from publishers including British Red Cross, Oxfam, ThoughtBox and the Economist Educational Foundation. 

In the last few months, we’ve loved teaming up with The Harmony Project to create our latest teaching pack on Antarctica.

Reboot The Future Workshop

What are you planning during the LearningPlanet Festival?

Our meditative Audio Journey is available to listen to the whole way through the festival. Join Shivi for 10 minutes to immerse yourself in Antarctica, understand why this precious ecosystem needs protecting, and how you are more connected than you might first think.

We will also be hosting an event about our new teaching pack, exploring how you can bring the continent of Antarctica to life with your students, and develop an understanding of our interdependence with this beautiful, icy wilderness.

Do you have any announcements or news to share with us?

The release of our teaching pack, in partnership with The Harmony Project on our connection to Antarctica. The comprehensive pack invites students and teachers alike to embark on their own Antarctic journey – a journey of learning that challenges them to work towards achieving a healthier future for our planet.

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Reboot the Future is a non-profit who believe a better future is possible if we treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated. We deliver hope-filled campaigns and education programmes to deepen connection and inspire action for ourselves, others and the planet. We host an education platform called Global Dimension, which brings together a vast library of free regenerative education resources exploring issues from climate breakdown, to migration and democracy.

Shivi Dwivedi is deeply passionate about driving sustainable and ethical change. She currently leads the youth engagement strategy for the U.N. Climate Change High-Level Champions for COP26 and COP27.

In this role, she focuses on the delivery of a mandate to enhance ambition and strengthen the engagement of non state actors — especially youth — in supporting parties and working with the Marrakech Partnership to deliver the goals of the Paris Agreement. In March 2022 Shivi undertook an expedition to Antarctica as part of her personal climate journey.

Holly Everett is Head of Programmes at Reboot the Future – a non-profit who believe a better future is possible if we treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated. Her work includes designing and delivering our range of programmes, with a focus on the development of educational work which inspires greater connection, conversation and compassion. Holly is a qualified secondary school teacher, and is currently training as a coach. She is passionate about mental wellbeing, the arts, and the power of stories.