Meet Anoushka, a LearningPlanet Youth Fellow, who shares her views on the importance of intergenerational mentoring.

Why did/do you participate in intergenerational mentoring? 

As a young founder and activist, I have often felt that there have been huge gaps in knowledge sharing and two-way mentorship opportunities. These two-way mentorship opportunities would enable young people to learn from a teacher, professor, and/or professional, and also contribute to how the learning processes look. Learning shouldn’t be only one-sided; everyone, from all ages, has something to contribute.

What was your experience like?

As a part of the various different interactions and workshops or community calls organised by LearningPlanet, I was offered meet diverse people from all different backgrounds and ages. Through LearningPlanet, I met younger people as well as older people, but they all had one thing in common: the shared idea of continuous learning and collaboration. I learned and fostered new connections; these led me to new places and allowed me to co-create solutions that impacted lives positively.  

What did/do you learn about yourself or others?

I understood that everyone has a unique perspective to lend and that each of us has unique stories to share. We can learn so much from the bits of life everyone shares. If we collaborate across generations, we can bring together puzzle pieces and progress forwards together.

How do you see your future?

I see the future as an inclusive, free, ever-evolving, just, and open world. In this world, everyone contributes and shares their voice and thoughts openly without fear. Anyone can contribute to matters that affect them without being subjected to biases and discrimination.

Meet Anoushka

My name is Anoushka Sinha, I am an activist, and currently serving as a youth fellow at LearningPlanet and was also a member of the first-ever LearningPlanet Youth Council. I am also the founder and CEO of a youth-led, SDG-focused organization called the Anupam Foundation. We have impacted 100,000 people globally and work towards providing them access to education, skilling, mentorship, and peer-to-peer learning communities our goal has always been to give them a platform to freely voice their unique stories and voice as a changemaker and work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

You can contact Anoushka via LinkedIn and Instagram.

(Anupam in Hindi translates to ~‘unique’)