One day in 2020, artist and filmmaker Andrew Amondson dropped into a conference session where Dr Penny Hay, researcher into creative pedagogies, asked everyone to draw themselves as a tree – “What if you could plant a tree that would save the world… and what if that tree is you?”. Something went click, connected, and they’ve been working together on Forest of Imagination ever since.

What a joy to have Penny and Andrew take us on a fascinating journey through their work that blends imagination, nature, art, creative pedagogies, community, young people’s wellbeing and more.

Thanks to both for lighting up two Imagination Circle sessions last Wednesday. It was interesting to see two quite different but interrelated conversations emerge from the two sessions.

Follow the conversation

There’s a short summary text at the end of this email for a taster, and to get the full flavour and substance of the discussions, please use these links to watch the recordings. 

Recording/Chat/Transcript for session 1 :

Recording/Chat/Transcript for session 2 :

Two homes for the Imagination action group

We’re happy to share the draft Imagination webpage on the LearningPlanet site where the story and knowledge we create together will live. The Imagination action group will soon have another online home on the AIME website (under construction) too.

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