With over 600 events worldwide, the 4th edition of the LearningPlanet Festival gathered close to 60,000 online participants from 191 countries. This was supplemented by thousands of participants taking part in a growing number of local events from Delhi to Phoenix through Paris, Dakar and Bogotá.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the organising teams of the Learning Planet Institute for their hard work and dedication in organising events, both online and in person, during the recent LearningPlanet Festival. The diverse range of events, workshops and thought-provoking panel discussions made the Festival a truly inspiring experience. The level of planning, preparation, and execution was remarkable, and we are grateful to have had you be part of this 4th edition of the Festival.

We would also like to thank you for your continued support throughout the years. ​​Your contributions have been instrumental in making the Festival what it is today, and it simply would not be the same without you.

Below, you may find all the sessions and events organised by the Learning Planet Institute.  If you were unable to attend some of these sessions, be sure to catch the available replays.

24 January

Accelerating the Environmental Transition

This session brought together experts from various fields to discuss the latest developments and best practices in transitioning towards a more sustainable future. It featured a combination of interviews, talks, and panel discussions with leaders in the field, providing a unique opportunity to hear firsthand about the challenges and opportunities that come with this transition. 

Watch the replay of the interviews and talks here

Watch the replay of the panel discussion here

From Citizenship to Planetizenship

Together with our guest speakers, we explored the multiple ways for Planetizens of all ages to unite to  (i) learn to care for oneself, others, and the planet, (ii) work together to overcome personal, local, and global challenges by mobilising collective intelligence and technologies (iii) ultimately adopt new narratives around Planetizenship thus allowing 2,6 billion youth to join forces with citizens and play an active role in designing better futures.

Watch the replay here! 

25 janvier

Imagination TV : Educating at the Margins

In this first Imagination TV episode of the Festival, hear how despite the many barriers put up, inspiring initiatives are imagining solutions to provide access to learning, notably for refugees. From setting up schools for 2000 students in 24 hours, to transporting libraries in barely the size of a cardboard box; discover people around the world who are fighting for education of those in most need.

Watch the replay here!

Think and Do Tank: Towards Sustainable Education

Organised by Circle U and Learning Planet Institute 

A conference on Sustainable Education and the transformation of curricula and teaching methods to create and promote sustainable education for a sustainable world.

Critical Transitions in Higher Education for Planetary Health

During this Panel Discussion, hear ‘inspirations’ sourced from members of the Circle across three critical areas for universities:

  1. transforming teaching, research and operations, 
  2. engaging with local communities, and 
  3. leveraging student voices.  

This event was hosted by the Transitions in Higher Education circle, bringing 20+ organisations together to collect their key insights, questions and recommendations for the transitions of Higher Education, across sustainability, interdisciplinarity, civic engagement and more.

26 janvier 

Imagination TV – Nonviolence, peacebuilding

In this second episode of the Imagination TV series, we explore solutions for building peace through imagination. Johan Galtung, a principal founder of modern day peace studies, coined the term ‘peacebuilding’ in 1975, describing it as a process that would profoundly shift the structural causes of violence. Galtung also coined the concept of ‘positive peace’, built by mutual cooperation, social justice, harmony and imagination.

To truly transcend the conflict of our times, current and past, we need to harness the immense power of imagination to build peace and a better future together. In this spirit, join a selection of inspiring voices, who, in the middle of conflict, seek solutions through their imagination. Hear their ideas and testimonies of using such imaginative thinking to strive for peace as individuals, and in their communities.

Watch the replay here!

Teachers as Researchers “Teach Meet” – Knowledge Building Activity

Co-hosted by the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) and the Learning Planet Institute

This Teach Meet event was a time and place for all actors of education to meet, introduce themselves, talk about their own educational contexts, share with the community the challenges they are facing and actions they are putting in place, etc. Followed by a presentation of the Teachers as Researchers workgroups on the European hub and other upcoming events.

Teachers as Researchers “Collabora(c)tive Workshops”

Co-hosted by the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) and the Learning Planet Institute

This Collabora(c)tive Workshop was the occasion to experiment the Teachers as Researchers approach and methodology based on collaborative intelligence, writing and peer-reviewing to inquire core challenges of digital education.

27 janvier

How will we learn with Next-Gen AI

A panel discussion on the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI into education, and the ethical and societal considerations that accompany it.

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Be a citizen scientist for a while! From the simple to the extreme

During the event, which was held in English and in French, participants had the opportunity to experiment with different forms of citizen science. They helped scientists by classifying information about stars, check how dark the skies are, recording how quiet or noisy the neighbourhood is, and learning about citizen science with indigenous groups in the Congo-basin forests, and how they are engaged in extreme citizen science.

January 28 

Imagination TV – Imagination in the classroom

AIME and LearningPlanet started the Imagination Circle with the goal of bringing imagination into every classroom. This session brought together the dreams of leaders, teachers, students and more, to share the strategies for building imagination in the classroom. Let’s build a toolkit of solutions to bring imagination into the heart of schools worldwide!

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Exploring programmes for Young Gamechangers

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your journey as a gamechanger?

This open discussion explores the tools needed to build programmes to help youth change the rules of the game. Whether learning about climate action, social innovation, or transforming education; the need for gamechanger programmes is growing across the world. The session welcomed leaders of existing programmes who shared their models and guidance for those wanting to learn tools to truly make a change in the wo

Watch the replay here! 

Planetizens Take the Stage: Festival Wrap-up and Way Forward

This session provides a wrap-up to the Festival and a celebration of key achievements, as well as a chance to share ongoing initiatives and new projects for 2023, with dozens of inspiring speakers invited.

The discussion is structured along 4 axes: Highlights from key sessions of the Festival,  Initiatives launched during the festival, LearningPlanet Alliance’s ongoing initiatives and last but not least, Major upcoming events and campaigns.

Watch the replay here! 

Planetizens in Art

During this hybrid event, participants were invited to spread their visions of how we can shift from citizens to a planetizens, by using different art forms: text, visual, media, music, dance – you name it! We will share these visions with the world!